Project Feedback is IMPORTANT!

My process when giving feedback to peers started with a simple list of dot points I wanted to fill in through my initial viewing and reading for their pitch. The list consisted of:  Name  Project  Future relation Objective Platform  Timeline  These points started with simple one-word answers and as I went through was able to […]


Feedback; information about a person’s performance of a task

When constructing my pitch feedback for my peers it was important that I had  a clear understanding and an in-depth idea for their project ideas, background information and online persona’s. After going through three different pitch videos and blogs it became evident to me that there were some major aspects in my own pitch (project […]


“Hey Siri, Play Feedback by Janet Jackson”

Overall I was very impressed with my fellow peer’s pitches for their digital artefact. When it comes to feedback, the way I would describe it is a vital part of any type of reflection on information being put out to people. Throughout primary school, into highschool and then following us into the workplace. “Constructive feedback […]