Media Ethnographies

Analysing The Analysis

In my last blog post, I explored the autoethnographic investigation of my media niche in regards to my digital artefact project, The SIMpS Pod, with close relation to epiphanies throughout the creation and progress of the visual podcast and the observations made. The three epiphanies I expressed were…  the creation process of a podcast (visual […]

Light Bulb Moments

The topic of my autoethnographic investigation consists of research, development and creation. These are all being demonstrated through my digital artefact ‘The SIMpS Pod’. The SIMpS Pod is a visual podcast where we aim to determine the effects in which the life-simulation game, The Sims 4, has one player, and if the gameplay is an […]

Feedback; information about a person’s performance of a task

When constructing my pitch feedback for my peers it was important that I had  a clear understanding and an in-depth idea for their project ideas, background information and online persona’s. After going through three different pitch videos and blogs it became evident to me that there were some major aspects in my own pitch (project […]

This one goes out to the PITCH in the back.

When it comes to going through the motions and steps of our project to make sure we are achieving and meeting all the goals and topics we plan and ensuring we are giving the best. It is important that we came up with a schedule so we stayed on top of each of our own […]

So can I look it up on google maps?

When it came to mapping a field site that reflected on the niche I discussed in my previous blog, I really wanted to keep it as much in relation to myself and my own thoughts of the niche. The health and fitness niche is such a large community which is connected worldwide. Almost everyone, at […]

That’s so NIChE

When sitting down and really brainstorming what my personal media niche could be, it was definitely something I wasn’t quite sure if I even knew what the meaning was. A niche defined as a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing. Before starting my degree i was so unsure of what […]