Introduction to Visual Communication Design

Reflection: Task 2

This project was a great way to practice the design process. Through each stage, I utilised this to effectively make my way through the collage, monogram and booklet design. There was a series of challenges and design hoops I had to jump through to create the final products, but I am quite happy with how […]


Monograms are a form of design that has been around since approximately 350BC. The first monogram was presented on coins. Monograms are described as the common use of initials, consisting of 2 or more letters, these letters are usually joint or intertwined. Monograms have developed over the years and are now commonly used in branding, […]

Discussing Quotes

“Computers are to design as microwaves are to cooking” Milton Glaser  The logo is an identifier but it’s also something that stands in for who you are. Steven Heller ​​Working within the constraints of a problem is part of the fun and challenge of design. Ellen Lupton Graphic design is a popular art and a […]

Significant Designers: David Carson & Aleksander Rodchenko

Throughout various art and design movements there have been significant designers that have paved the way for how we visual, design and create.  David Carson Davis Carson is known for being a postmodernism (grunge) designer, so much so that he was nicknamed the ‘Godfather of grunge’. Carson is a graphic designer from America, who is […]

Historical Context

In the history of art, there have been continuous changes and developments that have led us to the design practices we know and love in today’s society. Art movements can be described as a ‘period when popular art shares similar styles.’ Throughout the 20th century, these are a few of the most influential design practices.  […]