Future Networks

BETA be ready…

The SIMpS Pod is a visual podcast posted via YouTube that discusses lifestyle topics of a uni student, fitness and just general topics of things going on in our lives. The main aim of this podcast was to share experiences in how our uni life experience has been, dive into the fitness world and our  […]

The Network Society Paradigm

The Network Society Paradigm Discussing the network society paradigm we come across a range of theories and concepts that can be carried through the online world. The network society idea is strongly linked to the understanding of globalisation’s social effects and the role of electronic communications technology in society. Manuel Castells, a Spanish sociologist who […]

I must play baseball, because I’m PITCHing

My digital artefact pitch for BCM206 is a Twitter and Tiktok account in the form of a promotional platform for our YouTube podcast The SIMpS. Casie and I teamed up to create a youtube podcast where we play the game & talk about relevant and personal topics, as well as relating these into the game […]