Future Cultures

Project Feedback is IMPORTANT!

My process when giving feedback to peers started with a simple list of dot points I wanted to fill in through my initial viewing and reading for their pitch. The list consisted of:  Name  Project  Future relation Objective Platform  Timeline  These points started with simple one-word answers and as I went through was able to […]

Live-Tweeting But It’s About MOVIES

The first week of live-tweeting was an interesting mission for me. I had never live-tweeted before – other than maybe The Bachelor Finale of 2020, which found the Twitter feed way more entertaining than the show itself. Trying to understand a few things during this time made me realise would need to be a bit […]

Making Future Plans…

After watching the above video you would recognise my plan to make this social media management and content creation Instagram, as a way to help people grow, adapt and develop further in the online world. Social media is such an important and overpowering part of society today. It has become an important part of all […]