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Social By Tori: A Contextual Report

Social by Tori is primarily an Instagram page which focuses on social media practices and creative design. This digital artefact is here to be able to assist small businesses, creators and social media users in further expanding their online persona and presence. Moving into the TikTok platform to be able to share and produce content […]

Social By Tori: The Process

Over the Autumn Semester 2022, Social By Tori is starting to find its feet. My plan right now is to try my best to continue to grow, post and share for years to come. The process I went through (and still working on) started like this… Project Ideation Social by Tori was technically already in […]


A little insight into how my experience with live-tweeting went in the second half of the semester: During these weeks live-tweeting was a very up and down experince for me.. from being sick or just loosing motivation as the semester went on, and then really enjoying some of the films we watched. Alita Battle Angel […]