Making Media

Everything is BETA together!

Since our pitch we have stuck by and continued our DA with creativity, aesthetic and design. Myself and Emily have tried our best to stay organised and maintain our aesthetic to be able to keep attracting an audience. This has come into effect and allowed us to steadily grow our platform. We also have progressed […]

Progress Report

So where do I start… Well, first the thinking stage – After weeks of discussing DA ideas with my friends, Emily and I were facetiming one day and thought of the idea behind Emacity Creative – blending my first DA from @territorialpresets and the creativity and artistic nature that myself and Emily both have to […]

Get Pitch Slapped

WELCOME TO EMACITY CREATIVE… or as I like to call it, the new and improved terriTORIal. Presets (but shhhh). I’ve teamed up with my friend Emily Cousins to create this page.  The main focus through Emacity Creative is to create Presets & Custom Drawings. Lightroom Presets, which will be made into packs to help create […]


For this semesters idea I was unsure if I wanted to continue with last semesters DA (from BCM112), or move a bit out of my comfort zone and team up with a classmate, or even just start something completely new! I began to brainstorm, talk to friends and begin to build Pinterest boards of something […]