Emergent Media


Nothing you post online is ever 100% safe. Although we are told something is ‘safe’, or we are exposed to something being portrayed as ‘safe’, the internet can be a whole other world of possibilities. This we examined how big data and user-produced content in global systems play a role in the surveillance and control. […]

Trent Said I’m Rich

The internet is apart of the everyday lives of almost every individual, from sharing personal information, photos, work, education and especially socialising. The notion of open and closed access through technology was also discussed, as well as the ideologies of control.  For this weeks remediation, I created a meme in which highlights a discussion highlighted […]


I feel like I start every week’s blog post with “this week” so let’s do it again. This week I found it really hard to wrap my head around the topic. After having many conversations with my fellow BCM112 family, I came to see the light a little better. Simulation, Hyper-reality and Spectacles, which yes […]


Copyright, a topic I have found myself way too familiar with over the past couple weeks. I revisited the art of making a SoundCloud remix as my remediation to really highlight my favourite key points of this weeks topic. I invited my close BCM112 friends into a Zoom meeting, extracted the audio and made some […]

You BETA believe it!

So did I tell you I’m an Entrepreneur… Ok but in all seriousness, welcome to my Digital Artefact, also known as terriTORIal. Presets 🪐 @territorialpresets is an Instagram page, in which I showcase my personal made Lightroom Presets! To put it simply, presets are filters, filters in which people use to create a certain aesthetic […]

i doN’t SPeAk bRoKe

This week I created a GIF that reflects the schema of AirPods being reflected upon the idea of being “rich”. The GIF shows Kylie Jenner (Billionaire) wearing AirPods, This creates an association with “RICH” vs “AirPods”.  I’m sorry I don’t speak broke. For anyone that remembers the release of the Apple AirPods, you would recall […]

What do you MEME?

We are all out here being a living, breathing, walking and talking memes. This week’s topic on meme warfare has really opened my eyes to what a meme actually is, or at least how I see it from my perspective. This week I’ve created a SoundCloud, which is the result of a conversation I had […]

The group everyone wants to be apart of

Looking into Internet Paradigm this week we looked into ideas of collective intelligence, internet gatekeepers and monologic vs dialogic media. I created a meme this week to communicate the idea of collective intelligence. Using an example of my snapchat group chat and how we encounter collective intelligence on a daily basis. Collectively working together to […]

Do you even GLITCH bro?

Week 4… where to begin! This week I decided to take my favourite part of this topic and create something to help everyone! ‘The Medium is the Message’ was re-introduced and accompanied by ‘Logic of Digital Production’. These topics allowed us to examine the true meanings of how the ‘message’ can be transmitted. This sparked […]

What’s more important….

The one phrase that has been playing on my mind. The Medium is the Message. Yes, I am still confused in what direction to take this, but like most, I am learning as I go. So, what does this phrase mean and where does it take us? Let’s start by breaking it down. When I […]

Pitch Perfect

My Digital Artefact is an Instagram page showcasing my personal made presets through photography. @terriTORIalpresets will show a range of different photography types to showcase the presets I make and be displayed in ‘before and after’ posts. To create the presets I will be using the iPhone application, Adobe Lightroom. Presets are created to simply […]

THE Digital Artefact BLOG

Ok it’s only a MIND DUMP… My ultimate goal with my Digital Artefact (DA) is to be able to encourage, inspire or even to help people. This can blossom through my sense for adventure, love for photography, fitness and sport. I’d like my DA to primarily be on INSTAGRAM as i’d like to think of […]

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