Global Media and Culture

Call me an Instagramer

When I think of social media my mind instantly travels to the platforms that have consumed my day to day life during my teen years. Social media is “Internet-based applications and websites that promote the sharing of user-generated content, communication, and participation on a large scale” (Cooper, 2019) This can include applications such as Instagram,…

Citizen Journalism

Citizen journalism is the reporting of news, conducted by people who are not professional journalists (Albarado, 2019) With the use of the internet and social media, this enables members of the public to spread information. This information that is being spread is news ignored by mainstream services, including newspapers, magazines and broadcasters etc. (Kivak and…

An excuse to talk about Carlton

Popular Culture, a theory which when split into two have quite detailed explanations. John Storey (2015, p.1) suggests that to define popular culture, you must first define culture on its own. Storey states this through the definition by Raymon Williams (1983) ‘a general process of intellectual, spiritual and aesthetic development’. Alexandra Howson (2019) views popular…

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