Introduction to Communication and Media

I met Justin Bieber

I really just wanted to take the time to recognise one of my proudest fan moments… I give to you, 2012 Tori with a hint of Justin Bieber.  Although growing up it wasn’t really the Biebs that caught my attention. From the age of 7, I was a fanatic Hannah Montana fan. What does this […]

The public 3D circle

The Public Sphere, or as I like to call it The Public 3D Circle, A media theory straight out of the Media Toolbox. The man behind the theory, Jurgen Habermas is a German philosopher, he developed the theory in 1962. Habermas’ definition of a public sphere is a metaphor for a social space where people […]


Growing up I was never really one to sit and watch the news, I enjoyed watching the weather segment but that’s about it. Although we don’t just find news on the TV or newspapers any more, news outlets have spread, as media forms have grown. From online newspapers, magazines to thousands of online news sources, […]

Hedgehog? Porcupine? Echidna? IDK

Representation and Interpretation, in other words… what it means and how you see it, or even what it is and how you describe it. When relating this to media we look closely to advertisements and how they can have double meanings, so is it possible to read the image/advertisement in more than one way? Keep […]

That time we won…

Between the ages of 4 and 13 years old, my family and I were located in Melbourne, Australia… With this came a growing passion for my family’s enjoyment of AFL and supporting the Carlton Football Club (aka the Blues). Almost every weekend, as a family we would travel into the city to watch and support […]

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