Blog 3: Design Analysis and Reflection

Throughout the process of developing and creating this title sequence, I went through the stresses of learning a new program, learning as I go and trial and error. I feel as though I stuck to the criteria as needed but would have been happier with my work if I tried to move out of my designing comfort zone in this project.

The technical achievement I found was able to be met and I found the entire process to be really eye-opening in the form of motion design. I was prepared that this was something I was going to have to learn as I go and take my chances with experimenting with different things. I find that my original storyboard idea vs the final piece was similar but didn’t allow myself to expand further and test my creative boundaries. 

I started this process with the idea to keep it as simple as possible whilst still being able to learn the basics of After Effects. A key issue I faced at later stages of the project is that I never had a real inspiration piece to go off of as I moved into the design process and then into refinement. I found the technical resources provided really helpful when building the fundamentals. 

The timing was a big part of this project across all different components to ensure everything flowed well and aligned seamlessly throughout the sequence. In blog 2, I discussed FEFO (fail early, fail often) as a learning technique that would be evident throughout the creation of this motion design.

Between week 6 and just before the saving process I found I was changing the timing of each component when re-watching and critiquing. This was one of the hardest parts I encountered when developing this project, as navigating through each component layer, learning how to move and select things together and of course lining all these key parts together to make it seamless. 

One of the main ideas which remained throughout my creating process was the use of the drawn silhouette of each character for their time on screen.

The main characters I chose to use were Dorothy, Tinman, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, The Wicked Witch and Glinda. These components were the main visual element throughout the entire sequence and I found it quite simple to incorporate into After Effects. 

In the future, I will be looking to expand my knowledge of the After Effects platform and reach out of my comfort zone. I would really like to start utilising After Effects in outside work that I do to enhance my skills in the Adobe suite even further. Through this project, I stayed within the brackets of scale, positioning, opacity and timing. I will be looking at utilising some of the extra text effects and animation effects and taking time to experiment and watch videos that can help me in the next project. Although I am happy with what I was able to achieve with my zero knowledge of the After Effects platform prior to this class I definitely think now reflecting on it that there was more I could have done to enhance the final product. 

(apologies as I forgot to take documentation of different parts of the development)

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