Blog 2: Design Process

The creation process has so far been a unique and interesting learning experience when creating the idea behind my title sequence. For my project, I decided to take inspiration from the 1939 film “The Wizard of Oz”. During the ‘define’ stage of this process so far I took this as selecting my choice in film and envisioning something that I would be able to move forward with.

My thought process when defining what my project would be came from the instinct to find an older movie that had a very different level of technology and design practice and recreate it to be more modern. 

Whilst watching and firstly analysing the original title sequence I started to take myself through the fundamentals of what I was wanting to include. The research was an important part of what I wanted to create as it helped generate my ideas for what I have created so far. The title sequence of the movie is very simple and uses all the same typeface and very little colour to accompany it.

The background of the entire sequence shows clouds moving from right to left on the screen in a continuous loop. The type on the screen fades in and out with each change with an overlap, this continues for the duration of the two-minute-long title sequence.  

In my project, I am looking to include easy-to-read typefaces, simple movements and effective designs. Design fundamentals such as solid drawing for the main characters are something I look to incorporate. Timing is an important part that I plan to work towards in the coming week, this is with my plan to change the coloured background for each individual colour and then a consistent timing for each character’s appearance and text to accompany it.

I really would like to experiment with scaling which will be assisted by the timing of this idea to zoom in/ scale to the ‘O’ of Oz as shown here.

I have found that if I have a thought or idea to trial, simply googling and watching a quick youtube video or the ones provided have been the best way to establish my learning with the software so far and relying on fail early, fail often principles to enhance my skills and learn as I go. 

I want to keep the theme of the title sequence and the use of objects to a minimal use of simplicity and to show less is more. Utilising negative space and the movement repetition and rhythm that will go with the chosen background music.

When taking inspiration through my research I found the simple movements, plain colours and light typeface enhanced the modernisation the best of the storyline. I would have loved to be able to experiment more with movement and effects but I didn’t want to take away from the main components. 

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