The DA Peer Review

For this review, I decided to look into the digital artefact projects of Phoebe & Samantha.

Reviewing Phoebe’s digital artefact pitch: 

This semester Phoebe has decided to participate in the Building 29 Resources team. This is a first-time digital artefact project that is being created collaboratively by fellow students. In her pitch, Phoebe discussed what the project is and the ideas behind it, as well as her role within the team. Through this project, it is evident that Phoebe isn’t only using her skills to help educate others on our newest building at UOW but also to gain further experience in her chosen field. The Building 29 Resources team will be utilising Instagram, Twitter and tiktok – as well as a WordPress website. Phoebe’s main responsibilities within the resources team include managing the social media pages and assistant in the curation and copywriting 

Building 29 has a range of facilities and resources available to students, which is the main reason for the creation of this project. It is evident through Phoebe’s discussion the target audience is aimed at students who have classes in building 29 which is known as the ​​Social Sciences and the Arts Building on campus and need software, technology and 

Phoebe mentioned the experience she wishes to gain through this project, phoebe listed “social media management, working within a team, creating content and building multiple platforms” I think phoebe has a really good understanding of the direction in where the project is going and the future development she wants to take out of it. 

I am excited to see where this project is taken and the awesome content they produce to show off building 29 and all the amazing resources that are on offer. It is evident that the team has already started producing content and is on track with their project. I will be following along closely to see the developments they made over the coming weeks.

Reviewing Samantha’s digital artefact pitch: 

I have been following Samantha’s digital artefact journey for the past year, @currentlysammy is a bookstagram that Sam has been developing and has allowed her to grow and develop the page that it has become today. after going through her pitch, she is looking to go into more content creation, and really expand the direction of her project.

Sam will also be a part of the creative services team, which is also the collaborative digital artefact I am helping create and develop. Sam will be offering her services to assist other students and content creators in their development. Through this, she will be looking to offer a service to help others develop and give tips and share her knowledge about content creation and Instagram.

I feel Samantha correctly navigated through the pitch and covered all relevant questions. Her project seems well organised and planned accordingly. Samantha has clearly outlined her design thinking stages and has gone into detail about her methodology and audience as well. I think Samatha has a clear understanding of the direction she is wanting to take this project and I think expanding her horizons and joining the creative services team will allow her to reach future potential and development real-life experience and be able to share her knowledge with fellow students and people wishing to become content creators. 

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