Here To Provide You With a Service (PITCH)

The Creatives Services team (name to change) is made by students for anyone in need of navigating the social media and digital world or wanting to expand their creative horizons.  In a management role, we hope to create a firm base for future students to hopefully be able to continue for years to come. 

As a team, I think it could really be beneficial to have weekly/fortnightly check-ins via our discord channel to check in with everyone’s progress and make sure our services are reaching the targeted audience. 

Over the next week, we will create a rough timeline and content plan for the early stages of production and creation. We will try and conduct a team meeting to try and set out some plans. This may allow us to get a more clear overview of where all of the members of the team are and how we can expand further from there.

The main aim of managing the team, means we are able to set up a seamless approach as the main base of services (like a digital agency). The team is relevant to small and new businesses and content creators as it allows them to have readily accessible resources and real-life experience at their fingertips! 

I think the creative services team will be really helpful to people who struggle a little bit in the media and social world, and this allows them to be able to expand their knowledge and understanding. I would personally have really benefitted from a services team like this when I first started uni. 

The creative services team is relevant to me as it allows me to gain experience in social media management, leadership and content creation as a whole. This project is a really good opportunity to expand my portfolio. My long-term goal would be to have my own social digital/ creative agency and this is providing a stepping stone to getting there.

The online persona of the creative services users and audience would look little something like this: 

The services are here to help, no matter how big or small the challenge or practice is – we are understanding that not everyone can use certain apps or be a graphic designer, so we offer these services to give endless possibilities to our users.

Although there haven’t been a lot of plans started, I can see the services team socials being very neutral and visual appealing, using soft tones and an inviting feeling. In this aesthetic, we would be looking into minimalist vibes. 

6 replies on “Here To Provide You With a Service (PITCH)”

Hi Tori! Your thumbnail for your pitch video immediately caught my eye and I’m excited to dive into your project. I noticed that the first couple seconds of your pitch video has a blank screen, I think a title screen would be a great addition for your pitch introduction! I loved your enthusiasm in demonstrating your experience in the social media field and your past experiences and projects that you’ve been involved in. Your methodology was clear and precise. It outlined the new role that you’re taking on in. I enjoyed how your explanation of the creative services time is created for a broad audience and can be understood by someone who is not familiar with the digital media field. It’s great how you explained that you want people to find and access your services through a way that is simple and not overly-detailed. Your blog post elaborates on the ideas that you have expressed in your pitch video and allows for readers to further understand the benefits of your project. I think that your audience persona board does a great job at highlighting exactly who the target audience is, what the audience is looking for and what part of their lives that this project will benefit them on. I think adding your reflection on what you wish was available while you were at uni is a great addition to your blog post, I think this adds a really nice personal touch to building this project. The social utility of ‘the creative services team’ is clearly defined for both the means of others and for yourself. This is really nice work so far, Tori! I’m excited to see your future developments and how this will further benefit your future portfolio.


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