Social By Tori: A Contextual Report

Social by Tori is primarily an Instagram page which focuses on social media practices and creative design. This digital artefact is here to be able to assist small businesses, creators and social media users in further expanding their online persona and presence. Moving into the TikTok platform to be able to share and produce content that is going to be the most influential leading into the future of technology and social media. 

These are some of the articles utilised for some initial research and ideation testing. 

The main thing I was drawing on from class content was the future aspect as a whole. Social media is the way of the future for businesses and in most individuals’ life. But how the future could also make or break this online social world. This article: 

Discusses the possible issues and personal concerns that are based on social media. Technological Singularity and Artificial Intelligence are some of the materials I decided to look into a little bit further into. 

Many people in today’s world tend to be on their social media accounts more often than ever. As technology advances and digital media improves, the modern life has adapted to this kind of change.

(O’Lemmon 2020)

I discussed and related this to my project in a previous blog which you can find here: 

The social utility of connecting the nature of social media to be interactive and relate to my public audience. Social media is used to interact, share, create and discuss my audience of small businesses and content creators, which is the main users of communication tools for their own audience.

The first few weeks were a collection of planning and getting my head around some time management and rebranding. From there content research and planning. From then although a plan was in place I really challenged myself with time management to be able to post accordingly and didn’t use my ‘spare’ time to make the most of expanding and developing my page. It was important to me and the aim of the account to be able to post some of my ‘behind the scenes’ development, to give more personal and relatable content. Although posting and scheduling haven’t been followed to my original plan as shown here: 

I continue to follow a new plan, and I hope to expand and develop this project to the best of my ability. 

The feedback I received was really helpful and reassuring. My peers included links to help me further investigate my chosen subject further. Since my pitch, the vision I had didn’t change much besides not staying 100% on track with my timeline.

I feel this had to do with underestimating my time and the level of engagement I needed to be able to come up with relevant and important information. One of the things that I developed from the feedback was my background research which I tried to expand after I reflected on the comments. You can read about The ‘Social By Tori’ process here in one of my reflective blogs during the semester:

I plan to continue my DA indefinitely as it reflects my own personal portfolio of work I have created and the way I structure my social media presence. This for me could create opportunities for future career paths. I strive to develop and create posts and content that allow my audience to be able to learn and take the information and experiences I provide about social media into the future of their business and content creation. 

Reference Of Quote:

O’Lemmon, M 2020, ‘The Technological Singularity as the Emergence of a Collective Consciousness: An Anthropological Perspective’, Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society, vol. 40, no. 1-2, pp. 15–27.

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