A little insight into how my experience with live-tweeting went in the second half of the semester:

During these weeks live-tweeting was a very up and down experince for me.. from being sick or just loosing motivation as the semester went on, and then really enjoying some of the films we watched. Alita Battle Angel would have been one of the movies I enjoyed live-tweeting the most.

I tried to utilise parts of the film and relate it to more relatable or recognisable scenes for me. Which seemed to resonate with my peers who were interacting with my tweets. Doing this made me enjoy the live-tweeting experience, but also made me neglect the more theory connections to the films. I feel if I utilised better time management and allowed myself to go over the subject material more, as well as pre watching or finding some more background information about the films.

I tried to utilise different methods of live-tweeting and this included my different ways to interact with peers and other material. I tried out using the ‘poll’ feature on twitter to try and create a different connection of engagement.

In my last blog I dicussed wanting to “watch the movie earlier in the week to prepare and discuss the movie. By doing this I hope to find my interactions could be better and more connecting during the screening during seminar time.” Although this was the goal it just wasn’t able to be done everyweek with other work and uni commitments.

I defiently faced my attention to the films, based of characteristics based on colour and design as this is was relates most to me and my life at the moment. Overall reflecting on my participation and engagement I defiently feel as though I could of been alot more direct and involved — as well as utilising my knowledge from lectures alot more.


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