Making Predictions, Discussing Technology & A Social By Tori Update!

I created ‘Social By Tori’ as a platform to help small businesses and online creators navigate the social media world. This may include tips for posting schedules and helpful apps and planning tools, guides and tutorials, as well as, my own personal works and creative ventures. Choosing to utilise this platform to discuss future plans and issues to be able to make relevant connections to the direction that social media is making in people’s lives and businesses. 

The article “The Technological Singularity as the Emergence of a Collective Consciousness: An Anthropological Perspective” discusses innovation, artificial intelligence and technological singularity. Social Media, like art, is subjective. The article discusses the media platform Twitter as a discussion point for social media being a place where individuals are “weaponized and divided into groups”. I plan to highlight more positives and help people understand how to deal with issues in the online social world as a way to prevent negative impacts on my targeted audience. 

So far I am yet to develop these specific posts and I am still trying to find my ground on my layout and discussion points. With this, I will be utilising Twitter as a way to reach my audience in a different direction and also to benefit as an example piece for connecting why Twitter can be a helpful social media tool. 

Referring back to the article it demonstrates how careful we do need to be on social media and when using technology. Connecting this to the future and how technology is really taking over the world is something I relate to in the sense of businesses and work in the social media industry.

For me, social media is an everyday thing. For many, it is an addictive outlet, which led us during our quarantine months to connect with social media platforms (like tiktok). Tiktok at this stage is one of the most used and talked about platforms. Facebook of the past, Instagram of the now, leaves tiktok for the future… but how long will this last?? 

This article piece discusses some predictions leading to the future of social media in 2020. It outlines… 

  • More visuals
  • More videos
  • VR and AR adoption
  • Mobile vs desktop
  • Influencer marketing

 And many more which you can read more about here:

The Future of Social Media: 12 Predictions

It’s interesting to be in 2022 and be able to reflect on these what has actually come about. I think the idea of ‘more videos’ is a big one as it has definitely created a different outlet for sharing and promoting information. A TV ad strategically created to fit in with current tiktok trends which are found in social media apps? CRAZY. Social By Tori is planning and creating videos to be a part of this growing increase of users across these video platforms as a different way to connect and be able to demonstrate real-life evidence when relating to analytics.

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