Project Feedback is IMPORTANT!

My process when giving feedback to peers started with a simple list of dot points I wanted to fill in through my initial viewing and reading for their pitch. The list consisted of: 

  • Name 
  • Project 
  • Future relation
  • Objective
  • Platform 
  • Timeline 

These points started with simple one-word answers and as I went through was able to elaborate further as the ‘questions’ were answered. I found this as a similar way to which I have previously conducted feedback and an effective way to take notes of things I wanted to discuss in my comments. 

For all three comments, I used the same process. Taking notes prior, allowing a reflection period to re-read and follow up on the notes – then conducting the comments. 

For Mackenzie Smith, I  discussed what his topic was and found points and areas I found really effective and easy to understand, I found his platform of choice for the project similar to my own and was able to present a resource link to why I found this effective. 

In the second comment for Bonnie Stonestreet, I found that Bonnie had a really good understanding of her project and where she was wanting to take it into the future. This also includes her future connections to the actual project itself. This made the comment section fairly easy, but difficult to be able to give any additional resources. 

Finally, for Jacob Suter, my comment process continued the same. I pointed out the things I found super easy to understand and clearly laid out how the project was clearly presented. His process of creating an information-based process was a great indication of understanding the target audience and being able to continue the project further. 

The main feature when conducting feedback is the personal reflection I gain and discover some missing pieces in my own project. In addition to this, I also can use my own personal DA to be able to provide some resources etc. in terms of platforms and usage of features. Although this is one thing I lacked through this feedback loop and would definitely like to include more of in the future when giving feedback. 

Going through this feedback process I found it allowed me to further my understanding of the topic at hand and was able to step back and recognise feedback I needed to give myself when going back over my pitch after going through peers also. 

I think good feedback is really important for the progression and creation of a project. Feedback allows you to see further into your project. For example, when creating, looking and planning your content you may seem to miss, forget or go past something. Sometimes having an outside perspective to give advice/feedback can be a really helpful tool to further and expand the project. 

I feel ‘good feedback’ should include positive points the individual covered. I personally find that positive reinforcement can be more helpful in terms of feedback rather than negative – this also means that the receiver of feedback is more likely to respond or take on board the suggestions and recommendations given. When I conduct feedback I ensure no negative points are given. Constructive criticism is effective but only when it is done correctly. I felt in my comments I didn’t need to use this method.

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