Live-Tweeting But It’s About MOVIES

The first week of live-tweeting was an interesting mission for me. I had never live-tweeted before – other than maybe The Bachelor Finale of 2020, which found the Twitter feed way more entertaining than the show itself. Trying to understand a few things during this time made me realise would need to be a bit more organised when it came to the screenings. 

  1.  My wifi left me having to watch the movie on a different day to screening time which is A LOT harder to do when no one else is tweeting at the same time. As well as making sure I had access to the movie
  2. The movie itself I had never seen… I also have no background information on it (another challenge)
  3. What should I actually be tweeting about…? Maybe my own observations? information for others? Once I figured this out my process through live-tweeting became slightly easier

I found when interacting with peers’ tweets during the screening I gravitated toward the memes and interesting connections that were being made. I feel the interactions and scrolling through the Twitter feed allowed me to see other things 

Towards the end of the 5 weeks I started to come up with a different process: 

  • Pre-Watch film or conduct research and prewritten tweets prior to screening.
  • A mix between resource/ observation tweets (and a couple of memes to top it off)
  • Going back and watching Chris’ guide on live-tweeting definitely helped! 
  • I plan to utilise TweetDeck! This platform allows you to overview a range of Twitter menus and hashtags/posts at one time. this will help with live-tweeting and interactions all on one screen.

Going forward into the films and live-tweeting, I really would like to watch the movie earlier in the week to prepare and discuss the movie. By doing this I hope to find my interactions could be better and more connecting during the screening during seminar time. I feel as though I lacked a bit on background research tweets in the first couple of screenings, but once I started to get the hang of it with more information, research and connection to the subject material. Overall there is a lot I will be striving to improve on.

Tweet & Interaction Links!

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