Game Experiences

These games were all very different and had different factors that shaped my experience when learning and actually playing them. Did I like them all? Definitely not. Were they easy to learn? For the most part… NO – This was all part of my game playing experience.

Back To The Future: Dice Through Time

Game description:  The game is discussed as a ‘cooperative dice game’. Using a selection of game pieces you will travel through time (like in all 3 movies) using the DeLorean and collecting key items and returning them to the correct timelines.

Players: 2-4 People

Suggested age: 10+

Playing time: 45-60 minutes 

Designer: Ken Franklin, Chris Leder, Kevin Rodgers

Artist: Matt Taylor (II)

Publisher: Ravensburger

Type of Game: 

The game would be categorised as a cooperative game: This I would consider as a Eurogame. ‘Cooperative games are those in which players work with one another in order to achieve a common objective.’  Which aligns with the meaning of a Eurogame.  Working together with the other players to complete the goals and objectives throughout the timetravel game. 


The game is set in the world of the 3 Back To The Future movie series. Time travel is a key element so the setting of time is constantly moving and changing throughout the game. 


Time Travel


Dice, gameboard, game pieces, cards. 


Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling.

My Experience: 

My expectations of this game changes shortly after we opened the box. In my  head a game about something I knew and was familiar with would be fun, would be easy? WRONG. I found the instructions extremely hard to understand. Not because it wasn’t informative enough, but because there was just SO MUCH to take in that instructions got quite lost. I reverted to a youtube video to help guide myself and the players through the game. We maybe got 10 minutes into playing… IF THAT, and gave up as our patience ran short extremely quickly. 

Story War

Game description: The game is described as a ‘card games that combines storytelling and combat!’. The main objective is being creative and refering to culture unlike other card games. 

Players: 3-8 People

Suggested age: 8+

Playing time: 30 minutes 

Designer: Tom McLean, Brad O’Farrell

Artist: Vondell Swain

Publisher: Cantrip Games

Type of Game:

The game is simply a card game, this would fall under an Ameritrash game. The main aim of the game is a battle which creates conflict between teams. In an aspect between your own team there is a sense of unity between the players to complete the objective of beating the other team together… does this cross over into eurogames?


The game is set where ever you choose. Most of the cards create mythical and magic creatures… so we could call the setting unique to the individual. The game is based of creativity, so the player should choose the setting. 



The materials required is simply the 3 different decks supplied by the game and of course instuctions. 


Hand management and story telling. 

My Experience: 

This game was one of the easier to understand. Simple instructions which for me seems to always be the downfall to my attention span. The game was exciting and constantly left me asking what next? As the players are the ones to create the storyline it makes it interesting and initiates a more exciting rivalry between teams.

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