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After watching the above video you would recognise my plan to make this social media management and content creation Instagram, as a way to help people grow, adapt and develop further in the online world. Social media is such an important and overpowering part of society today.

It has become an important part of all businesses and ensuring you are creating the right content and following the right engagement strategies to reach your target audience! Social media has become a great way to be able to connect with users/customers and reach a new level of communication in the business world. This is the main reason I have chosen to create this digital artefact and focus on its future initiative to help others grow along with the continuing changes of social media platforms, trends and competition. 

Below I have demonstrated my 2022 and brief future plans timeline. Through this, I have asked my relevant questions on process and progress. In my 2022 timeline, I have demonstrated the positions in which I would like the account to progress through social media.

Through the end of April and into May after I have established my schedule thoroughly and allowed myself the time to attempt, reflect and adapt to solely Instagram, I will follow on to moving into TikTok which starts to create the future plan and second part of this artefact. While moving through tiktok I will be noting down the process to be able to assist others in the future of social media and give first-hand evidence to growth in these situations. Through this, I have established a trend of creating – reflecting – adapting –  to continue to be able to keep up to date with changes in media over time. 

Continuing into my FUTURE plan timeline my approach stays the same – creating – reflecting – adapting. This process is a fundamental step into the future and being able to grow, change and develop is important to consistently provide content.

When creating this future plan and business it was important that I looked into my main users and audiences. ‘Social By Tori’ is a social media management Instagram page that looks to help assist small businesses, freelancers and influencers to be able to expand their social media profile and overall help them develop their own future plan in terms of growing their target audience.

Reflecting on this is it evident to see that my main users would be a business and/or individual looking to seek more social media knowledge and develop their media further into the future. This is a relevant outlet for users as it creates a helpful and clear understanding of social media networks and is able to make the most of these platforms when running 1 or more accounts. 

It was important that my digital artefact also followed the FIST concept:

Fast –  Instagram is a simple and easy platform to use and it has heaps of resources to ensure quick and easy to schedule content. 

Inexpensive – All the platforms and assisting content creation websites are free!

Simple and Tiny – The concept of reaching a broad audience of social media users trying to navigate and create is simple and tiny.

You can follow along with my Digital Artefact here:

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Hi Tori,

I love that you’re taking your social media account and using it as a part of your digital artefact. I 100% recommend utilizing Tiktok, I follow several social media management accounts on the platform (Stylasocials, withcoramarie & nofiltrsocial just to name a few) who have been able to get heaps of interaction and you could take some inspiration from. I can see you have done heaps of research into your ideation, utility, and project timeline but you haven’t done any background research that relates to the future. I highly suggest maybe looking at articles and blog posts that relate to social media or even looking into the concept of futurology. I found an article from Forbes that investigates what social media can look like beyond 2022. I think this would be useful as your DA is to do with social media and it is useful to see how these changes may affect your business. I am excited to see where your DA goes and I have given you a follow on instagram.

Link to resource:

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Hi tori,
I love your ideation behind this concept. I too am looking into the future of social media and how it can be utilised to grow an Instagram and Tik Tok page. I think the basis of your pitch is clear, I would have loved to see a few predictions about what you think social media will look like in the next few years. How will it adapt. (I still understand that it is a pitch). Therefore, I look forward to your predictions within the final project phase.

The next point of constructive criticism is your production schedule. I see that you were using an external application to schedule your Instagram posts, but I would have loved to see a bit of an insight as to how many times a week you were posting and what the content may look like. The same with Tik Tok. Just a brief Gant Chart of what the production schedule would look like over the coming weeks of the semester. I have done some background research for you on production timelines and Gant charts to help with time management and avoiding the feeling of being overwhelmed. As stated previously, you have a great idea going here and it seems as if it’s a passion of yours. The ability to turn your page into a fulltime job post university is clear and that is important.

Ge, J 2011, ‘Study on project schedule management based on comprehensive comparison methods’, in Proceedings of SPIE, SPIE, Bellingham WA, p. 82852P–82852P–6.


Hi Victoria, I want to start off by saying your video was awesome. This is one of the most amazing pitches I have seen so far. Your slides and presentation were very much well-executed. I would love some tutorials if you wouldn’t mind haha.

Throughout watching your pitch video I realized you have used the lectures and the readings. Your timeline has been beautifully executed and it amazes me how you created the future timeline until 2025. Well done. I like the fact you are adapting to Tiktok, as well as Tik Tok, has now become an effective way of marketing and not only Instagram I think that’s a very brilliant idea. Tiktok audiences tend to like informative content. Another way of getting audience engagement is by including algorithms, hashtags and audience engagement as well as social media content.

Social with Tori will definitely go far, especially with the plans and ideas you have listed in your blogs and videos. I’m finding it hard to give you constructive advice on your DA as it’s definitely headed in the right direction as you have an in-depth knowledge of the lectures and reading. I would recommend these links for an in-depth knowledge of marketing and TikTok

Overall you are definitely on the right track Victoria and your DA is looking very good I can not wait to see your BETA video I’m very excited.
Well done.


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