Sharing My Opinions

I really enjoying going over, reading and watching my classmates Digital Artefact BETA projects. I think it has been a really go way not just to help them further their project but to ultimately help ourselves further our own understanding and progress. In regards to how i gave my feedback on these projects really tried to relate back to my own. 

Relating back to my own project when going over someone elses is a really good learning experience for myself. I am able to further reflect on my project as i find myself comparing parts that I found similar and different, and ultimately coming across things I wish i covered or further developed. 

My first comment was to Casie which I had to text to her because it wouldn’t post:

The reason I decided to comment on Casie’s blog was we are collaboratively working on the same project, although when it comes to breaking down the beta we are to do it separately. I wanted to utilise the reflection of her progress to really compare and contrast to my own. For example, are we on the same page? Did she have something i forgot about? Did i have something that she forgot about? All of these are things I looked out for when discussing our projects. My comment approach is always positive and uplifting! Commenting on the things i thought she did well and really focusing on the comparing of similarities moving forward. By doing this it was evident that we are on the same page moving forward into the final stages of our project and will really be able to work effectively to finalise The SIMpS Pod.

My second comment was to Melissa: 

Melissa’s digital artefact project is based on the true chrome fandom/genre. I am aware of the topic I never actually took the time to read up or learn on what really makes up this fandom. The first thing i wanted to comment on was the way she outlined the main discussion points of the topic as a whole. For an audience this was a really nice to see be introduced into the topic. In terms of my feedback I feel like everything was covered quite well. I struggled to find anything that I thought was unclear or no presented properly. I think I could of tried a little harder to share further information or extra sources that could help her when creating her final product. 

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