Let’s Reflect

When it came to conducting feedback I found myself really more reflecting through my fellow classmate’s findings and really rethinking some of my own conclusions from the beta! When it came to giving feedback, the same as previously I prefer to stay really positive and uplifting when writing my comment as it gives the authors discuss a confident base to work from and boost them into the next stage. From the beta, I commented on two blogs in which really grabbed my attention. 

FIrstly was Phoebe’s Blog: 

Phoebe is conducting a project based on the game ‘Trivia Crack’. Phoebe’s aim is to follow the analytical framework she discussed: Monetisation, Induction and Audience. Phoebe made the feedback part of the beta really easy and simple. The feedback, I was able to give her was determined based on her really well understood and clear understanding of her topic, analytical framework and game. I find it quite difficult to comment on any changes that need to be made or any things I felt need to be addressed further especially when finding these blogs super helpful for my own progress and further understanding of the content. 

The next beta I focused on was Madi’s:

Madi like phoebe had a really clear and straight to the point attitude with her BETA. Overall the discussions of nostalgia are clearly there and it is something that has already been evident throughout her project. Through the comment, I directed the same feedback action plan as Phoebe’s, staying with the direction of positive and uplifting feedback. 

Reading over and commenting on classmates blogs have really helped establish some missing pieces in many directions of my own pitch, beta and project. From this, I will be really adjusting and discussing with my DA partner about some changes we will be making and furthering our DA in a way to be completed, and well understood for the final product and analysis. 

To be able to reflect with me, you can read and watch my BETA post for ‘The SIMpS Pod’ here:

Can we de-BETA ’bout it?

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