The Second Letter of The Greek Alphabet.

Trying to find what my media niche was and how I was able to relate it to my digital artefact collaborative partner Casie (Casie’s BETA … was definitely more difficult than it needed to be.

Casie and I are very similar people so when we finally decided to put out heads together and find exactly what we are working with. This then formed the pathway for lifestyle and fitness. I personally am very connected to the fitness and lifestyle way of life. Whether it is on social media or when making friends there are certain things that just work and this is definitely one of them.

I am very active in communicating within the health, fitness and lifestyle communities online whether it is via Facebook, tiktok or course my favourite platform… Instagram. Learning more about what this community meant to our content and being able to link it into the gameplay of The Sims 4. 

The fitness niche is quite important to sporting professionals and trainers for their online persona. For me, it fits right into a lifestyle and overall bettering myself. I really enjoy comparing how the Sims 4 gameplay relates activity to how it is in real life. Casie and I have established a mutual understanding that we would like to stay on top of our content better and really focus on reaching our audience and increasing our engagement to ensure we are connecting with our desired community.

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Hey Tori, your beta sounds good, I decided to go give feedback on your blog post to see what things I’ve either missed out on or what you missed out on, overall your blog sounds good, I wish you talked about the analytics more in the blog and analysed them and I also agree with you and wished we posted more on our youtube podcast to gain a bigger audience and also increase our engagement to ensure we are connecting with our desired community. but I like the idea of how we are both are focusing on life and fitness on the sims
overall it sounds good and cant wait to see how we go in the final assignment


Hey Tori! Your digital artefact topic is super interesting– I would have never thought of combining The Sims with fitness and lifestyle! I like how you’ve showed some screenshots of analytics and twitter feed, as proof of the work you have produced so far.
The fact that you’ve admitted you haven’t put enough time into connecting with your audience is really good, as by recognising this you can try to do so before your final submission of your digital artefact. Through engaging with your users and followers you can get a better idea of what they like and what content they prefer and use that to create what your audience wants.
If I have any advice it would be to talk more about how you’ve integrated what you’ve learned from the subject and a bit more about your online persona and how your podcasts and other content connect back to the fitness and lifestyle side of things. An updated weekly schedule would also have been great to see, so we can see how you’re going to move forward with your project from this point.
Other than that, I think you’ve done a great job, your video was clear and your slides were great– well done!


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