Can we de-BETA ’bout it?

Our main direction when it came to our visual podcast is ensuring we are using the gameplay to its best potential. Following our pitch, we had a set timeline in how we wished the content being produced and posted would go. Unfortunately, this didn’t turn out to plan and we found ourselves struggling to get content out. Although this is a problem we are fixing as we go, the key point is to understand and discuss the framework of the podcast. Ensuring that we are just ‘playing a game’ and we are discussing relevant topics and relating them back to the games designs and features. 

Casie and I develop a list of main topics for each episode and talk from them instead of making the podcast seem forced and scripted. In terms of our analytical framework, a key example is our 3 part episode (only 1st part released so far) of creating our dream gym, with we are looking into the features the sims designs and gameplay offers and relating them back to real life. Are they realistic? So when discussing if The Sims 4 ‘life simulation’ gives off an accurate representation of real life. This is our main focus, relating back to our niche and online persona of fitness and lifestyle. 

Overall for our DA, we hope to really push ourselves further and more in-depth into our research and really dive deeper into what the sims game play (out of build and design mode) has to offer.

3 replies on “Can we de-BETA ’bout it?”

Hey Victoria, I found your DA Beta Pitch really interesting. I found that I can relate with you when it comes to struggling to put out content. One thing I can suggest is looking at the sims in different angles. Not just look at the gameplay but look at what goes on behind the scenes and also even looking at EA as a company. I believe that this video may help with content in the future for your DA. I found that the rest of your pitch was put together really nicely and that you addressed all the criteria that needed to be met. All together though it was a great beta pitch and I’m super excited to see what your future plan will look like!


Hi Victoria, I also found your Beta pitch really interesting. I also love the use of social media in your project and it seems like it really does help. I think a few people are analysing the Sims this semester which is awesome to see. Everything is put together really well and the presentation was fantastic. One thing I would recommend is using the podcast to discuss various topics that affecting us and therefore cover more ground in terms of engagement with an audience and overall research. All in all, a great beta pitch. Well done.


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