BETA be ready…

The SIMpS Pod is a visual podcast posted via YouTube that discusses lifestyle topics of a uni student, fitness and just general topics of things going on in our lives. The main aim of this podcast was to share experiences in how our uni life experience has been, dive into the fitness world and our  fitness journeys and discuss things that are currently going on generally. This digital artefact is being used for three of my classes this semester including this one,  BCM215 (Game Media Industries) and BCM241 (Media Ethnographies) which is taken into consideration for all content produced. To accommodate BCM215 the visual component of the sims 4 allowed us to complete an analytical framework to relate our main topics to the game play. With this we not only are able to create this entertainment component youtube can analyse the game itself. 

So far we have released 3 episodes of the podcast and are currently editing the 4th and 5th. The timeline we created for our pitch was ideal but unfortunately, once we started creating, it wasn’t practical with our university and personal schedules to be able to stick to the original outlined plan. Casie and I have both worked really collaboratively and efficiently when it came to editing and posting, but finding the right time in both our schedules was definitely a factor that created issues in creating and filming the podcast especially in a remote setting.

We definitely have not put in enough time connecting with our audience off the podcast as much as we would have liked, such as utilising our tiktok and twitter account to reach a further audience. The analytics from the tiktok videos and twitter posts show that the relatable memes and videos relating to our podcast and topics resonated more engagement than the posts about releasing episodes. In regards to our videos there isn’t much data to work with due to the newer videos only being uploaded recently and weren’t expecting a wide audience due to the lack of exposure. 

Here you can see the traffic source in which the views gave some from seeing that the largest number comes from our channel page as well as external. We currently have 5 subscribers on our youtube, 11 followers on tiktok and 15 followers on twitter. But have received some feedback from 2 of our subscribers. 

One viewer said “A super fun and creative way to talk about life ! you guys really embody the fun and hardship of being a young adult in a pandemic whilst playing along in such a popular game.” 

Another said “The podcast is a really enjoyable piece that has brightened my days in lockdown! Both these girls have fun personalities that shine through the screen, the only feedback I have is that I want longer podcasts!”

This was a really encouraging piece of feedback. We know we have some things to work on but knowing that someone is enjoying the products we are releasing is a really cool feeling. 

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