Analysing The Analysis

In my last blog post, I explored the autoethnographic investigation of my media niche in regards to my digital artefact project, The SIMpS Pod, with close relation to epiphanies throughout the creation and progress of the visual podcast and the observations made. The three epiphanies I expressed were…  the creation process of a podcast (visual podcast) due to our little knowledge in the time and effort into the process, audience engagement, in regards to understanding the importance of both connecting verbally with our audience and through analytics and relatable content which leads into the importance of research which is the final one i discussed. In this post i will be further elaborating on these epiphanies, using academic research to support my findings and discussing how the analysed information and findings of data will link into my digital artefact and allow me to effectively  come to conclusion supports my project. 

In the discussion towards the important of research and  understanding the audience this article on Media, Research and Journalism states:  “Research is an essential tool to gather facts, opinion and information pertaining to a specified problem, situation or opportunity.” (Kumari 2020) Research can also be a vital part of narrowing the target audience and in my case determining the correct media niche and the online persona that continues from that. Utilising research practices to correctly inform ourselves on the topics we talk about, to relay truthful and accurate information is something we strive for, which overall will thoroughly help our discussion.

The observations and epiphanies made about my project throughout the process will be implemented into the creation of the final digital artefact. Myself and my partner will look into more data and really develop our skills in  recording and editing our podcast as well as our time management to be able to achieve these ideas. We will also be trying to post more frequently on our tiktok and twitter profiles as well as adding some engagement boosting posts such as… questions, polls and really increasing our analytic knowledge to be able to reach our audience better. Finally taking extra time to thoroughly research our topics and main talking points throughout our podcast, as well as game play features that we will be looking into. 

Reference List

Kumari, S 2020, Significance of Research in Media and Journalism – Manav Rachna, Manav Rachna Vidyanatariksha, viewed 13 October 2021, <;.

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