“Hey Siri, Play Feedback by Janet Jackson”

Overall I was very impressed with my fellow peer’s pitches for their digital artefact. When it comes to feedback, the way I would describe it is a vital part of any type of reflection on information being put out to people. Throughout primary school, into highschool and then following us into the workplace. “Constructive feedback is a robust tool for creating a healthy environment, boosting productivity and engagement, and achieving better results.” (ActiTIME, 2021) 

My main aim going into reviewing and commenting on the 3 blogs was to keep as positive and helpful as possible. Three main things I wanted to cover in each comment included

  1. Things I thought they did well in 
  2. Things I thought they could have included/elaborated on 
  3. Links and helpful sources 

By doing this I thought it would be reassuring and useful rather than picking out things they possibly did wrong. For all of my peers i gave feedback too, I first went to their pitch blog post and watched and read the content while taking notes, I then went back and reflected my notes into the feedback I provided.

Benjamin Luke Sigmond’s Pitch

For Ben, the feedback I left was intended to give him some ideas on how he can utilise his visual component. I started by outlining the topics within the video and blog that I thought he made really clear and understandable, as I personally think being given positive feedback straight up can be really uplifting and can set the tone for the whole comment. I gave some possible questions that I was unsure about the answer, whether this was something that wasn’t mentioned or I was just generally curious about. I also thought it was beneficial to include links which could help him understand the visual component advice I gave.

Shalisse Thompsons’s Pitch

With Shalisse I aimed for the same direction of feedback, starting with their positives first. I find it really intriguing when they are able to allow me to learn something new and backing up with the amount of background information really helped bring her DA idea to life. I think linking relevant sources to further their inspiration and help them understand their platform they are using for content is a really important part of feedback. Looking back I think I could have gone into a little bit more depth in how I approached her feedback, I think my understanding of the topic wasn’t good enough to be able to be constructive. 

Samantha Pitaktomorn’s Pitch

Finally Samantha. I found her pitch blog and video really engaging and informative. After going through it all it definitely made me reflect on key aspects I had missed in my own pitch. I really struggled to be able to give any directional feedback including sharing links as I thought her background knowledge was well covered. I also think she really understood the direction she wishes to take this project and am excited to see her beta later in the semester. 

Overall I never have really had the experience of peer reviewing but I hope the information I left can take on board and really give them confidence and helpful resources moving forward.

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