Feedback; information about a person’s performance of a task

When constructing my pitch feedback for my peers it was important that I had  a clear understanding and an in-depth idea for their project ideas, background information and online persona’s. After going through three different pitch videos and blogs it became evident to me that there were some major aspects in my own pitch (project idea) that I was missing. I think this exercise was a really good learning point for me and I really enjoyed being able to really be able to recognise my fellow peers’ digital artefact ideas from the early stages. 

Throughout my feedback I wanted to ensure I stayed friendly, understanding and supportive. I think creating a positive environment for feedback is really important. My 4 main topics that I wanted to focus on when writing my comments were: 

  1. Give my personal thoughts on the ideas presented 
  2. Give insight into things they could include/utilise or look further into
  3. Share helpful links that can help with inspiration or further background information 
  4. Praise the parts of the pitch I enjoyed
Callum’s Pitch Blog

When writing my comment for Callum’s DA I tried to give points on each topic I wanted to cover feedback wise. Callum had a really good sense of his background information on the business and the platforms he will be utilising. I thought by providing a link to an article I had read was a really good recourse that he could take on board. I didn’t really feel his niche/persona was clearly demonstrated so I thought this was a good place to possibly guide him into diving into those main topics a bit further.

Grace’s Pitch Blog

I found Grace’s pitch blog and video so creatively made and was very engaging. She has a clear understanding on how she wants to take her project and why she can incorporate her niche. With the feedback I gave I decided to go through each part of her pitch and break down the things I thought were clear and done well. My way of giving advice was to be able to share the link to allow her to possibly learn something new about how the tiktok algorithm works. Also questioning the direction on styles of videos she will be creating. I kept the comment positive and really wanted to emphasise how impressed I was with her pitch.

Caitlin’s Pitch Blog

Caitlin’s pitch radiated a super cool, unique and creative idea which i commented on in the early sentences of my comment, like all the feedback I have given to my peers i included a link to which i though could possibly give extra insight and inspiration, by this relating to the knowledge I already had on the topic at hand. Caitlin seems very organised and has such  a clear and direct plan for her project. I also thought it was important to share a viewer’s opinion in relation to the video she shared, the thought process behind this was to give her the perspective of a potential audience. 

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