The PITCH is back.

Our YOUTUBE PODCAST ‘The SIMpS’ needed some grounding points before we were  able to start recording and creating. When conducting background research for the topics we will be discussing, the game itself and even looking into the algorithms of twitter and tiktok and youtube. Tiktok’s main feature of their video creating app is their use of the ‘for you’ page.

An article by Gergana Mihaylova describes the for you page feature in terms of the algorithm. “The first is user interaction, or what a person likes, shares, follows, comments on, and posts. Second is video information, or specific sounds, hashtags, and captions, and finally device and account settings, such as the user’s location and language preference.” (Mihaylova, 2021).

I was also able to find a blog on ‘how to start a podcast on youtube’. YouTube is a platform in which billions of users browse a day. Youtube is a great platform because of its size to grow your digital footprint. This was really helpful to us as it gives an idea of the platform’s abilities to help us grow our content and is going to give us the most opportunities to grow. 

Our visual podcast will be aimed at people within the Sims communities and mainly people who are able to relate to current and lifestyle topics such as university, working life, heath and fitness. Also reaching out to new players of The Sims and even people who have never played before.

You can check out our introduction episode here >

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Hey Tori, the idea of a visual podcast sounds like a really interesting and engaging way to keep your viewers attention while still prioritising the informative podcast elements. Your project plan is well thought out, my only concern is the idea of editing everything collaboratively; while it is a great way to make sure you’re both on topic it could become very time consuming so you may want to reconsider this process – potentially discussing plans for the edits together then alternate who edits or handling different elements of the editing process depending on who prefers what / who is better at what elements.

You may also want to look more into depth into other YouTube podcasters, most of the examples given in the screen recording are of regular content creators, not people with a dedicated podcast. The Plumbom Café seems similar to the style you seem to be going for:

Overall this sounds like a well thought out da, as an avid Sims fan I’m eager to see where you go with it.


Hi Tori!

I just want to start off by saying how interested and intrigued I am by your digital artefact! Your pitch video is presented clearly and in a logical manner. Your project schedule demonstrates the steps you will be taking in developing your digital artefact content, this gives a clear indication of what direction you are going in. Although the Sims 4 is a well known game, I appreciate how you broke this down for a general audience who may not know about the game or would like to learn more about it.

Your blog post is concise and expands on the platform that you will be conducting your digital artefact on. In addition to this you have supported this by a secondary source. It is clear that you have spent a lot of time researching your chosen game and how best to present this to a general audience. However, I have noticed that the analytical framework was not discussed in your pitch. I would have liked to see how you may plan to analyse your findings. You could possibly discuss personas in the playing the Sims or even participatory media culture in the mods that are utilised by players. There is so much room for exploration in your chosen game, I can’t wait to see what you do with your digital artefact.

This article ‘The Sims: A Retrospective – A Participatory Culture 14 Years On’ demonstrates the participatory culture involved in The Sims game.

Your chosen format for your digital artefact being a podcast is clearly well thought out for your chosen game/topic. In creating a podcast you are able to reach your chosen demographic for those who may be playing The Sims. In addition to this, you have discussed how you will also be discussing topics such as work and university life, this will be sure to attract more users to your podcast. As a result, you have created a space that you users are able to learn more about a game as well as here about everyday activites.

Great work Tori! I can’t wait to see where your podcast goes!


Hey Tori

I’m excited to see how our DA goes since I’m also part of it too. AHAHA, the idea of a podcast sounds like such a good idea since so many people have turned to podcasts, it’s funny how we both “turned to playing the sims throughout lockdown as a way to live our lives”. The Sims is a great game to play during the lockdown

Relating to playing sims during lockdown I reckon you should check out this article
called “Everyday Life in The Sims 4 During a Pandemic”
It explores how Sims have been popular during the pandemic and how The Sims takes us into a kind of everyday life.

I can see that you have spent time researching the game and how to present this to your audience, it’s also great to see you’re using other social media platforms such as TikTok youtube and also Twitter to help engage with the audience

I reckon what you could have done better is to add some visuals to your pitch such as a framework and a weekly schedule like when you would be posting and how you would be managing your time

Overall this DA seems to be going really good and can’t wait to see how it goes.


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