I must play baseball, because I’m PITCHing

My digital artefact pitch for BCM206 is a Twitter and Tiktok account in the form of a promotional platform for our YouTube podcast The SIMpS. Casie and I teamed up to create a youtube podcast where we play the game & talk about relevant and personal topics, as well as relating these into the game play of The Sims 4. The Youtube podcast itself was created to be our digital artefacts for BCM215 and BCM241. 

When doing some research into TikTok and Twitter, it is clear that these are both some of the most used social media platforms in the world. They are also both really intriguing platforms to promote and utilise to find your audience. Casie and I will be posting videos such as sneak peak snippets, behind the scenes and other relevant content and trends on the tiktok account for an insight into The SIMpS Pod and our friendship. The twitter account will be mainly used to announce new videos, connect with our audience, and provide any updates – while of course keeping the content relevant to our users and entertaining. 

The concept of using these accounts to promote The SIMpS Pod is too ensure we reach the intended audience. These days content posted on these large sharing platforms tend to get lost as there is so much being put out there. So to promote using a variety of other sharing outlets allow for a better chance to get attention to the information intended to the relevant audience. 

Going off our audience starter pack we are able to recognise our intended users to be people in their final years of high school and uni students as the podcast itself focuses on relevant information in which we discuss such as the transition to university form high school, fitness and just what is going on in the world around us. The people in this category would relate to these topics and would allow us to use these platforms for entertainment as well as advice and information, as well as game players of the sims.

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