So can I look it up on google maps?

When it came to mapping a field site that reflected on the niche I discussed in my previous blog, I really wanted to keep it as much in relation to myself and my own thoughts of the niche. The health and fitness niche is such a large community which is connected worldwide. Almost everyone, at one stage or another in their life can say they have been through some kind of health journey, or have listened, read or watched something within this niche. So where do we start when it comes to field mapping the subject? 

I started by outlining which I thought were the most recognisable factors when I think of health and fitness. These include: Music, food, workouts, platforms, clothing and challenges. Each of these factors have shown up consistently throughout my own health journey and when conducting research online. 

In terms of platforms, social media is a highly used space to share information, personal life, and in this case health, fitness and wellness. Platforms such as instagram have such a large following in terms of the health industry. This has now followed on through the tiktok arena and can be seen in many types of videos. Food is one of the most important aspects of health and fitness. FOOD IS FUEL! Workouts are also high up on the most relevant and having so many different types to follow with it. Clothing for me comes with motivation and my slight shopping addiction to it. If I buy new activewear I feel more motivated to do a new workout right? Music ( Should have probably been labelled as listening or something along those lines) plays a vital role in getting things done! Whether it is listening to a podcast that discusses people’s personal journeys or even music which we rely on when working out to keep us entertained and hyped up.  

In terms of challenges, the ones I have listed on my field map are ones I have personally taken part in and/or I am planning on starting in the coming month. Challenges like many of the factors have the underlying importance of motivation, to keep you going, to ensure you have something worth striving for. In the end this niche is something I am really passionate about and hope to be able to discuss this further in my digital artefact as well as keep learning more about the subject and learning how to become the best version of me!

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