Stuck in the past…

What happened to Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing? The game was created in the United States as a PC game, releasing on November 20th 2003. The game is said to not even be completed, meaning that the game design, features and graphics were left unfinished. Through all the searching and deep google diving I did for the blog past the most common 4 words that kept occurring were with too many glitches. This obviously extends from the game appearing not to be finished in the first place. An article by The Guardian in 2015, created a list of the WORST video games of all time, and not to any surprise Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing came in at number 4 on that list. 

The game itself was a racing game with its intended mission to transport ‘cargo’ across the United States, racing against other players and dodging the police (The Guardian, 2015). The main issues with the mission of the game was half of the important game features are missing? Or maybe they just never existed in the first place? 

So what were these missing features and was this the result of the unfinished creation of the game? Firstly, there was no cargo… So what was the real objection of racing in the first place? No police, which speaks for itself  in that category. And finally the other ‘players’ never move off the start line. All these major missing features really made you wonder how a game like this could even be released and created, or even possibly making any money. 

In all my searching the most shocking find was that an item sale of the game via eBay was going for $2,900USD which currently converts to $3966.08AUD. Although any reviews old or new that I found all commented on the same issues of when the game was first released, some even saying they were worse??

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