That’s so NIChE

When sitting down and really brainstorming what my personal media niche could be, it was definitely something I wasn’t quite sure if I even knew what the meaning was. A niche defined as a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person or thing. Before starting my degree i was so unsure of what my real interests were! To me this was the hardest part about even picking a degree and major when the opportunity presented itself. I was never one to have a real hobby, I switched between sports quite a bit as a kid because I was never passionate about what I was doing which really sucked (putting that in the best way possible).

After attending my early entry interview for UOW I was pleasantly surprised in how much the idea of being creative and using my long hours on social media to good use. So what would be the media niche I found most relatable to me and what I could relate to my digital artefact. Sharing this with a fellow classmate meant that our niche for the project needed to link in a way that the content we were producing is relevant and we both can relate to. It wasn’t until this week where I really discovered all these personal aspects about myself. I’m a lady of many niches and I really think that makes me the person I am today. 

When discussing this with my collaborative partner and friend, we were able to recognise 2 key media niches that would really pave the way to determining an audience. The first niche is to do with fitness, both of us found this is something we have in common and really relate to. We both are quite into our health and fitness journeys and would like this to reflect through our youtube/podcast (coming soon). So when describing fitness as a niche we can see it as a platform of people who workout, enjoy following the people who workout and of course learning more and becoming educated in terms of fitness. 

The second niche came from our ability to be the most productive procrastinators we possibly could be. Is that a thing? To me the reason I procrastinate comes from my ability to cram everything into the last possible minute (it’s a TERRIBLE trait) but I tend to do my best work in these scenarios. Now when it comes to my procrastination, the biggest thing i found myself always drawn towards was either playing the sims, watching people play the sims, or like many, binging netflix and my favourite tv shows. So the big things with this come to mind, youtube seems like a common denominator, I can binge endless sims videos to my heart’s content – and well this is where the idea for my major project arises from. If I can find so much interest in the satisfying pleasure of watching people create, build and design, there must be others just like me. 

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