Research Reflection

There were many factors of my research that I in the future would complete differently. I feel that my ability to complete the work in a time managed environment was poor and let me down when completing this assignment. For myself there was also a range of factors that poorly reflected on the work I did. The ‘end of semester’ loss of motivation really kicked in and I struggle to come out of a loss of motivation after the mid semester break. 

Going by the data I collected , I feel like the survey size, although not ideal, was just big enough to get the most out of the data I needed to be able to justify the reasoning behind my issue that I presented in this research project. I also feel as if my data analysis was not thorough enough and this created difficulty when completing my opinion piece. Along with my time management I had originally planned to do a video opinion piece but lack of time towards the due date created extra stress and I relied on the writing side of the assignment to be able to give my all. 

Next time I will ensure that I will organise myself and my time in a more appropriate fashion as well as prioritising certain aspects of the project on top of out of university activities. I would have liked to conduct interviews to be able to receive the clearest and most detailed responses to questions about the issue at hand.

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