LinkedIn Creators Hub!

This digital artefact is a one minute TikTok video which plays the role of an advertisement for my group’s innovation ‘LinkedIn Creators Hub’. The reasoning for the advertisement felt like the most fitting form of artefact for the innovation created. If the innovation was to go ahead and be created, this would be one of the first actions I would have taken to assist the new platform to be seen by the desired audience. The advertisement being a TikTok video will develop into the TikTok algorithm and reach the intended audience and users for the application. 

The aim of our platform is to go off the original idea of LinkedIn and create it further to fit into the creative industries. Not just to apply for jobs, but as a way to utilise the space as an online portfolio and sharing platform to others in the creative industries. As the application is created in a way to both replicate the idea of LinkedIn with the layout and features of TikTok and Instagram. The creative industries is such a competitive industry and with up and coming technologies along with businesses relying more and more on employers from the creative business to help boost their business and reach. The digital artefact video starts with a question, and the following with all the features and perks that would be included if you were to join LinkedIn Creators Hub. 

LinkedIn Creators Hub is such an important platform for the up and coming creative work force, students and current creators. With so many challenges and competitions LinkedIn Creators Hub ensures that you aren’t filtered out of the job application process too early! Enough with all these “keywords” on resumes! The platform allows you to be completely transparent and really advance into your creative working desires and choose the most ideal career path for you! The platform can be used on both an application and an online website. Much like most things the application gives you more opportunities and features, but no matter how you connect the results for applications, sharing content and communicating with fellow creators stay the same. 

LinkedIn Creators Hub following in the footpath of Tiktok and LinkedIn itself will continue with the perfect framework for the application and be able to make it the most reliable and useful for users! Advertising the application/platform in tiktok is a vital part of promoting the application to show that it isn’t all business – but a way to really be able to connect and share with others! There are so many applications out there to help you create and write online portfolios and resumes but not really anything competitor wise to interfere with the success of the application! Whereas TikTok and LinkedIn both have a large number of competitors which affect the functioning of how they project themselves into the world. Platforms such as seek and indeed really take away from the LinkedIn features, whereas TikTok has competitors such as Instagram (reels) and snapchat (spotlight). LinkedIn Creators Hub has so many opportunities to shine and will continue to be such an innovative and successful platform.

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