Hi, I’m Tori

Commencing second year at UOW in a way that we wouldn’t of thought could even be a possible this time last year. Virtual learning, it’s different but lucky enough for us throughout the past year have had plenty of practice. My name is Victoria, but I mostly go by Tori, i’m a second year Communication and media student, double majoring in Social and Digital Media, and Marketing Communication and Advertising.

I am lucky enough to have already lived in Wollongong before being accepted into UOW which made my life that little bit easier! On the side I have a small little side hustle known as TORI SAROS DESIGNS, where I create digital custom illustrations stretching from just images, to custom content and logos etc. for other businesses. Along with this I assist in social media management for my friends business 4FRONT CREATIVE!

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to aesthetics the way things are set up and projected! I’m the type of person who has their twitter banner, youtube intro, blog banner and phone case all matching… no but seriously.

I’m always open and excited to meet new people (that’s a hint to message me so we can become friends) 

Talk Soon, 


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