Following the last check in of our account @EMACITYCREATIVE, we have really tried to focus on finding our main purpose of what we are doing. Whether it be for helping individuals be able to create their own aesthetic or establish a “vibe” for their small business we are really attempting to cater for such a wide target audience.

Trying to determine our exact audience is something we have struggled with as we find because we try and offer so many services and products. Although overall we find we aim to reach and represent this kind of “soft girl” aspect. This can attract off influencers and content creators which is a more upcoming trend of pastel colours, earth tones, random shapes and elegant fonts.

We have really tried to narrow it down and be able to determine who we aim our digital drawing illustrations to only attract a very particular audience. Our custom made presets are a little bit more simple as they are created to pretty much be a convenience to people who just don’t have time to sit and make their own individual edits and filter. 

Expanding and changing the account is something we have done constantly over the past weeks – this includes establishing roles between both myself and Emily. We work in a way where we try and share as much as content creation as possible evenly, to avoid experiencing an imbalance. Between managing the social media, planning and creating content, talking to customers, attracting a following and establishing our audience there is a wide range of tasks that we have to complete each week.

We also try to stick to certain themes and holiday seasons which is a new thing we have just started in the coming weeks starting with Halloween. We have also ventured into the world of content creations for other businesses and accounts. This meaning personalised content for people again who don’t have a whole lot of time to get things done. 

This is probably one of my favourite tasks at emacity as it allows us to connect with so many people and be able to really expand our creativity horizon with other people and help them really create their goals for their small business and accounts. Emily recently has really been focusing on getting our sticker creations underway. This is something that she has been planning and working on because it will be a great addition to our account. Much to our surprise as it wasn’t our initial intention to be creating as many logos that we have created, but after expanding outside of the BCM community we have found that the logo and custom creations is actually something that is more sought after then we originally thought.

Overall we are quite happy with how the account and objective has evolved and changed over the coming weeks and will continue to try and keep evolving the account to be able to reach as many goals as possible.   


Hey Tori!

Wow, I am in love with what you have established for your DA, it is so impressive and creative. My group and I were the same as you in really struggling to narrow down our target audience, I guess the best option and advice I have to to keep reiterating starter packs which gets you closer and closer to your target audience! I also think because you have such a large following on your Instagram you can check out the insights and see which posts were saved the most and visited the most so you can keep reiterating designs like that. Overall you are smashing it !!


This is such an aesthetically pleasing blog post and instagram account!
As for your digital artefact it is great to see that you have been focusing on what the main purpose of your digital artefact is. This is something that I am currently also looking to explore within my own digital artefact as I recently have started a new digital artefact. I love that you are focusing on sharing the workload between yourself and Emily to manage the social media, planning and creating of content, talking to customers, attracting a following and establishing our audience however, be careful you both don’t overwork yourselves. I can see how you have used feedback from your audience to ensure that the content you are creating is what they are after, as seen through your continuation with logos and custom creations. I can see that you have both invested a lot of time into the digital artefact and I would love to potentially see some behind the senses into your work!
I look forward to seeing how your digital artefact continues to grow with time.


Hi Tori, i’ve been loving watching Emacity Creative’s growth on Instagram! you really put a lot of time and effort into your creations and it shows. I use the busy bee pack presets all the time on Confused State!! Your feed is so aesthetically pleasing, i can tell you have a clear moodboard and colour palette that you stick to. I love your idea of creating stickers! a great way to monetize your business. Will you be using Etsy or shopify? Here is an article on the pros and cons on etsy that may help:
I love that youre doing logos too! theyre so good! if you wanted to utilise another platform like tiktok, you could make a series of videos like ‘if *insert name here* was a logo what would it look like?’ so you could design a logo that you think would represent Noah Beck for example. It could possibly attract the attention of fans and maybe one day even the creator themselves. Could be fun to get creative and think outside the box.
Keep up the good work!


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