Everything is BETA together!

Since our pitch we have stuck by and continued our DA with creativity, aesthetic and design. Myself and Emily have tried our best to stay organised and maintain our aesthetic to be able to keep attracting an audience. This has come into effect and allowed us to steadily grow our platform.

We also have progressed into opening an Etsy store, which we currently sell our Lightroom Presets, and plan to sell our custom drawings via the store in the future. In the upcoming weeks we plan to venture into extending our Pinterest (posting our creations more frequently), starting up our TikTok page/creating Instagram Reels & IGTV’s and also creating stickers and uploading onto RedBubble. We have decided to venture onto more platforms to really be able to get the best opportunity to gain interest and attention to Emacity Creative. 

We find the insight feature on Instagram really helpful when it comes to analysing our audience. Over the past couple months we are really able to see where our followers are coming from, the age demographic, when they are online and able to keep track of the unfollow and follow numbers. With this we decided to create some promotions using some of our more popular posts to see if we could gain some extra attention. They all got quite a lot of attention and we were able to reach a wider region of followers which we can view through our insights.

We also collaborated with ‘Its Busy Issy’ (Issy O’Connor) to create a collection of presets. We used this in a giveaway which both accounts gained some attention and additional followers from. We find planning out our posts and content in advance highly benefits our activeness on the page, which further leads us to expanding the accounts we reach.

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