Progress Report

So where do I start… Well, first the thinking stage – After weeks of discussing DA ideas with my friends, Emily and I were facetiming one day and thought of the idea behind Emacity Creative – blending my first DA from @territorialpresets and the creativity and artistic nature that myself and Emily both have to offer, while being able to include our knowledge through social media to create it. After coming up with a brief idea for the project, we brainstormed a range of names. Emacity Creative came up and we instantly fell in love with the aesthetic that the name had and the meaning behind it. Emacity – meaning the desire or fondness for buying, was a vibe in which we connected with and wanted it to accompany the future goals of the account. Through the observing stage, we had many tries of what our expected audience was, and deciding to start the page on Instagram as our primary search for the audience. 

As the semester started the ideas came flowing for all the things we could and would incorporate into our page. Coming from my first DA via BCM112, I continued the creation of custom making Lightroom presets, and demonstrating them on our page. I created brand new presets which helped start an aesthetic for our page. The names soon followed after matching the individual presets. So far we have created Coconut, which resembles a very bright and white vibe preset, working the best for people who want a very minimalist look. Avocado attracts the pastel greens, while also giving a beautiful pastel enhancement to all other colours. Kalia, meaning bright and clear, connects with its name as we went for a bright beachy blue vibe and lastly Latte, and it looks exactly how it sounds, a creamy, warm preset.

 We have also expanded our presets by working with @ItsBusyIssy to collaborate in making a set of 3 presets. Working closely with Issy we both came up with the look of how we wanted the “The Busy Bee Pack” presets to look, as well as the names of each of them. The presets Bombinate, Pollen and Honeycomb all connect to the theme of ‘Busy Bee’. We ran a giveaway which resulted in assisting both pages with an increase of engagement and following. We are already in the works to create start-up new collaborations through making presets. 

Our custom digital drawings are something we both enjoy creating, Emily and I both have iPad Pros and the ProCreate application which is beneficial in breaking up the creations between the both of us. It is a platform which has taken us some time to get used, and we continue to learn new things we can create every day. The application has been great as we have been able to create illustrations, logos and wallpapers that we advertise on our Instagram page. We would like to expand our creations shortly to create stickers in which we will sell on RedBubble and even our future Etsy store. 

The etsy store is the next big step in which we are going to take. Over the past week, our daily follower account has risen and we are seeing a huge increase in engagement as well. At the moment we are taking orders through our Instagram direct messages. We have received some interest and already have started projects for customers. 

We are really happy in the progress the account is making, and we hope that it continues to grow. We would like to focus on narrowing down our target audience. Also trying to communicate with our followers about what they would like to see. 

5 replies on “Progress Report”

Hi Tori!
I would like to say firstly…WOW….You guys have done such an amazing job and it’s so lovely to see you are both doing something you love!
Your Instagram has really taken off and you guys look and sound like you are having heaps of success.
You mention how you would like to start narrowing down your target audience and understandably because your audience can be a wide range of people. If I may offer some input, there are two options I can see available to you both.

1. There is a great opportunity here to expand into aesthetic design for small to big businesses, which would be a big expansion on your DA, but it is not impossible. You could approach small businesses that have a social media presence and offer your services if they are interested. Or begin to advertise that this is something you wish to explore and see if you can any interest. This then means the Emacity Creative will become more business-focused as an audience rather than your current audience.

2. You could go in the other direction and offer your services to individuals social media and work in collaboration with them. Offering to create custom content for whomever your client is and designing social media aesthetics for individuals. Sort of similar to the first option but just a different audience focus.

Either way, you girls are doing amazing and I personally love your content! Keep up the amazing work!


I love your DA so much! Your aesthetic and colour pallet is amazing. I love how seamlessly your aesthetic flows through all your content on every social media platforms. The great level of effort you put into the creation of your content is noticeable keep up it up girl !!


Hey Tori,
Emacity Creative seems to be doing so well! You and Emily should be so proud of yourselves. It looks like you have a handle on what you are doing, and I think the Etsy store is a great idea for you both. Monetising your da is such a great idea and you seem to have the demand for it which is so cool! I think narrowing down your audience a little would be a great step in heading down the Etsy road, as well as finding out more about what your audience wants to see. Maybe some Instagram polls? I find users are more likely to engage with polls over the question/suggestion boxes. Overall, great work! I look forward to seeing more of Emacity 💕


Hey Tori! This is a really strong blog post with a great amount of detail, and it is evident that you have put a lot of effort and thought into creating Emacity Creative. To see that you have been able to develop your BCM112 project into a bigger project shows how you have reflected on your work. I have been following both of your accounts since they both started, and I personally have to say I love them. I think that by collaborating with other DA projects has benefitted your own project significantly in terms of gaining followers and increasing your engagement. It’s also a great way to develop connections with other like-minded creators. Collaborating with similar accounts is a great idea and I’ll definitely keep this in mind for the future for my own DA. I’ve started to engage with other creators by liking as well as commenting on similar accounts in hopes to attract potential followers. Th aesthetic of your page I can see has been planned out well in terms of sticking to a colour palette, hue/saturation and not to mention the drawings are amazing which makes your DA appealing to scroll through. It’s also great to see that you are learning along the way- I have heard that Procreate is a really good app to use from many other students for developing designs. You may do this already, however, I suggest that you use apps including ‘Preview’ and ‘Planoly’ to schedule your posts so that they are more frequent. You can also plan out the layout of your posts and develop hastags to go along with them. I’ve found that using these apps for my DA has helped me a lot in terms of having consistent posts and an aesthetic layout. I love how you have created polls on your feed this is also something that I have done on my own DA. This is a great example of how you have engaged with the course content as the data that you are collecting allows you to clarify and formalise the trajectory of your project. I wish you all the best for your DA and can’t wait to see your Etsy store and what you do next!! I’ve linked down below the apps I mentioned above for you to have a look at.

Free apps to help you with your DA-


Hi Tori, I really enjoyed reading about your project progress in this blog post, as it gave me greater insight into its development process and has allowed for self-reflection about my own digital artefact. I liked that you spoke about how “custom digital drawings” are something that you “enjoy creating” as I also wanted the basis of my project to be centred around things I actually want to make, not just something I might think would achieve a solid mark. I particularly appreciated your thoughts on future progress when you said “We would like to focus on narrowing down our target audience” and “Also trying to communicate with our followers about what they would like to see”. This is something I am currently aiming to implement into my own project, and see as significantly important towards maintaining a social utility for my followers.


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