Call me an Instagramer

When I think of social media my mind instantly travels to the platforms that have consumed my day to day life during my teen years. Social media is “Internet-based applications and websites that promote the sharing of user-generated content, communication, and participation on a large scale” (Cooper, 2019) This can include applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter etc. We use social media as a way to share things about ourselves. 

When the discussion arises about the sense of self-worth. Ideas visiting the theories of personal branding being built on that every individual should be aware of the persona they are portraying to the world. (Geva, Oestreicher-Singer and Saar-Tsechansky, 2019) The way I choose to express my persona is through social platforms like Instagram is where I can show a range of attributes that relate to who I am as a person. I  post photos which I choose that are the best of my self, in a way where I can expose my aesthetic nature to everyone as a way, which connects to how I want them to perceive me. I also find twitter is more of a recent platform which I have grown to enjoy sharing upon. You are really able to just express anything and communicate in a way where everyone can act upon what you say. 

With these being apart of my daily routines (terrible I know) I go the extreme lengths to filter and plan out my Instagram feed purely just so people can see it. The way I plan, purely to satisfy my viewers and myself explores further into my sense of self through social media being more curative and selective rather than authentic. “Instagram relies on the networked impact of social photography to be effective.” (Budge, 2020) Instagram as an app is beneficial for personal and business use. It allows for the expression of the sense of self, the ability to share pictures through your main feed, stories – along with videos in both as well as IGTV & the new reels which replicate TikTok.  

The stories feature has become more prominent over time as people post on there more now than ever as the convenience for being able to share quickly through the capabilities in the camera features on smartphones. (Budge, 2020) Selfies is the usual type of photo that people post to Instagram (on their own or with others), although I steer more towards mirror selfies or portrait pictures of myself and landscape pictures of locations I visit. This branches from my sense of self-being more authentic in this sense of the content I’m actually showing. This comes from my feelings on how people react to what I post and relates back to the reason I focus on the aesthetics of my page. The intended audience for my personal accounts is based more on friends and family rather than business advancements. Whereas the Instagram page for my business runs more to an intended audience for people who would buy the products and plan out the page to attract them to it.

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