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WELCOME TO EMACITY CREATIVE… or as I like to call it, the new and improved terriTORIal. Presets (but shhhh). I’ve teamed up with my friend Emily Cousins to create this page.  The main focus through Emacity Creative is to create Presets & Custom Drawings. Lightroom Presets, which will be made into packs to help create an aesthetic for customers. This may include business pages,  personal Instagrams, blogs etc.

The creation of custom drawings made through ProCreate will also be available in a range of styles. We hope to one day expand our creations, by making stickers, developing more logos, designs and be able to give our customers advice of styling options for their brand, this may include just simply how to layout Instagram posts. We aim to range of audiences, as we expand over multiple platforms and have products that will benefit different people in different ways!

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