For this semesters idea I was unsure if I wanted to continue with last semesters DA (from BCM112), or move a bit out of my comfort zone and team up with a classmate, or even just start something completely new! I began to brainstorm, talk to friends and begin to build Pinterest boards of something I would be interested in creating.

Idea 1: 

This is a continuation from my BCM112 DA, I would expand my ideas, creations and continue on the same path of presets – expanding my website and platform, and simply just pushing it further to get more attention to the products.

Idea 2:

This idea came from a casual conversation while hanging out with my BCM classmates turned friends. It would include casual conversations about problems of the world, our friendship and getting through BCM. Something about doing a DA with your best friends just sounded so appealing, although isolation would make this quite challenging!

Idea 3: 

This came from an obsession that I established at the end of semester one, I thought it would be a really interesting concept teaming up with a few classmatee, creating people, houses and leaving review on different aspects of the game. 

Idea 4: 

This would be an expansion of my BCM112 DA, I would explore joining with another classmate, still doing presets – but adding more aesthetics and creative advancements such as drawings, wallpapers, logos etc.

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