Trent Said I’m Rich

The internet is apart of the everyday lives of almost every individual, from sharing personal information, photos, work, education and especially socialising. The notion of open and closed access through technology was also discussed, as well as the ideologies of control. 

For this weeks remediation, I created a meme in which highlights a discussion highlighted in the lecture, the biggest software technology debate… Apple VS Android. So I’m an Apple kind of person. But probably just because Snapchat just simply works the best through it – call me basic. The meme demonstrates a visual representation of the real-life meme of “Apple vs Android”, for years Apple had always seemed to be superior… in my eyes anyway. The lecture was dragged me into a new light and honestly changed my opinions on both. But sorry Android… My watch, phone, laptop and headphones would be very mad at me… (sorry for flexing Trent)

2 replies on “Trent Said I’m Rich”

Hey Tori,
This blog post effectively promotes this weeks topic in an engaging manner right from the beginning title! I specifically thought that your information about the ideologies of control and the software debate of apple vs android intertwined perfectly with your remediation. I similarly analysis this topic, however, I made a SoundCloud instead to encompass these ideas. Overall, I believe that you have successfully highlighted this weeks topic, one that I definitely struggled with in the beginning, however it is blog posts like yours that help break it down and navigate the concepts in a more concise format.
Tremendous work!


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