I feel like I start every week’s blog post with “this week” so let’s do it again. This week I found it really hard to wrap my head around the topic. After having many conversations with my fellow BCM112 family, I came to see the light a little better. Simulation, Hyper-reality and Spectacles, which yes I thought were the glasses type for the first 30 minutes of a conversation with my friends. I decided to make a GIF which represents a view of a hyper-reality world, it demonstrates the unrealistic nature using glitch material.

The GIF reads “ERROR – THIS WORLD DOES NOT EXIST”. A line from the lecture notes that really raised a point for me was the phases of a sign, specifically looking at illusion (the substitution of a basic reality). The idea of creating a space that plays a roll of a thought is a really interesting way to view the world.

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