Copyright, a topic I have found myself way too familiar with over the past couple weeks. I revisited the art of making a SoundCloud remix as my remediation to really highlight my favourite key points of this weeks topic. I invited my close BCM112 friends into a Zoom meeting, extracted the audio and made some magic. After a large assignment for another subject, which was solely based on Copyright and Plagiarism this was an easy task. 

After my last SoundCloud remediation (What Do You Meme?), I had quite a few enquiries on how I make them! I start by using zoom meeting and inviting some friends, recording the conversation then transferring the audio file into Garage band. I then add some cool drums and sounds, change some of the audio files to have some voice effects and then boom… a remix! 

Extra points to whoever finds the @ Major Trouble Podcast Plug

4 replies on “C-C-C-Copyright”

Really enjoyed your remediation for this week! Using SoundCloud to create a remix highlighting key points is such a smart idea, it was a fun twist on a pretty serious topic. Nice work!


wow, this is really good ! the title of your blog is very catchy and relevant to the topic, the use of Soundcloud remix was very effective and links well with what you are talking about however try embedding theory or example in your blog could really benefit to support your amazing work 🙂


Hey Tori! This is such an awesome blog post, and your SoundCloud remediation is clever and shows off how much work you put in. I made a SoundCloud too, and I admire the audio effects you applied, and your creativity. Plus everyone needs more Major Trouble in their life


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