You BETA believe it!

So did I tell you I’m an Entrepreneur…

Ok but in all seriousness, welcome to my Digital Artefact, also known as terriTORIal. Presets 🪐

@territorialpresets is an Instagram page, in which I showcase my personal made Lightroom Presets! To put it simply, presets are filters, filters in which people use to create a certain aesthetic on their Instagram page. As discussed in my PITCH, my goal of this page was to one day be able to create a website and sell them… and I can proudly say the terriTORIal. Presets website went live on May 7th, 2020.

Now to the good stuff. The audience I am trying to reach is pretty much anyone who uses the Instagram app, uses filters and wants to create a certain aesthetic on their feed! Through Instagram, I was able to set up the account as a business page, which allowed me to see a range of analytics. Within this, I was able to find that my audience (followers) are mainly Females aged 18-24, living in the Wollongong and Sydney area. 

Through my website, I am also able to view the analytics of who is viewing the website and where the views are coming from (primarily Instagram). This gives me an idea of how many people are not only finding my Instagram page but how many people are finding enough interest and clicking on the website link.

My Instagram follower count is currently at 176, although I recently have noticed more of an increase daily due to the engagement users are having with my account. This engagement comes from people sharing posts (using the presets) and tagging the page, as well as sharing my posts to their stories and getting extra attention from a wider audience. 

Since starting the page I have received quite a lot of feedback, both on the account and privately. Before the release of the website, users asking where, when and how they can be downloaded, and now after the release the feedback of how the presets are downloaded, how they look on their images, and feedback of where I can go from here. 

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