i doN’t SPeAk bRoKe

This week I created a GIF that reflects the schema of AirPods being reflected upon the idea of being “rich”. The GIF shows Kylie Jenner (Billionaire) wearing AirPods, This creates an association with “RICH” vs “AirPods”. 

I’m sorry I don’t speak broke. For anyone that remembers the release of the Apple AirPods, you would recall the ‘trend’ that went around (especially on TikTok) of relating owning AirPods to being ‘rich’. We view AirPods as schema through the idea that they are associate being rich with owning a pair of AirPods. This trend went around for months and became a meme, leading people to cut their own (corded) headphone, to make them look like they had AirPods… 

Here are a few examples from the TikTok trend: 

As time has gone on, the stereotypical aspect of having AirPods because you’re rich has faded, as they have become a popular and overused phenomenon.

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Loved this post! I looked at something similar with hypebeast culture, and also used Kylie Jenner, really interesting how she has become an embodiment of the ‘rich’ aesthetic

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I loved the correlation of schema and predispositioned connotations to symbols such as airpods = rich!! I loved how this is so easily communicated with the gif! This is a really unique take on this weeks topic i love it!


Insightful, well put but it made me feel broke so im upset. But in all seriousness good blog post about the topic of schema and how certain objects can affect our perception of people


I loved this Blog Post, Tori! Your research completely captured the week’s topic. I love the example of Kylie Jenner that you used for your GIF! It’s super interesting to me how the Kardashians, especially Kylie, are becoming an embodiment of wealth!
I loved the AirPods example, and the youtube video was super enjoyable! I didn’t even think about it, so it’s great that you brought that idea of owning AirPods and the association of wealth in your blog post! Loving your blog posts!


Reading this bought back memories not gonna lie. I remember buying AirPods for school & then immediately regretting it because of the meme but rather than hide them or whatever lent into it & had fun with the meme. Nice to see someone bring it back up!


Great gif! Simple but well rounded description of schema, an interesting read because I focused specifically on framing, rather than the schema that framing leads to. It’s interesting to see how different parts of a whole (framing and schema) can be represented differently.


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