What do you MEME?

We are all out here being a living, breathing, walking and talking memes. This week’s topic on meme warfare has really opened my eyes to what a meme actually is, or at least how I see it from my perspective. This week I’ve created a SoundCloud, which is the result of a conversation I had with my fellow bcm112 classmates. After this week’s tutorial (Tuesday 10:30 is superior), I found myself a lot more open to the topic and what it means. This changed the way I view memes forever. 

Through the platform, I was able to really express my views on this week’s topic and be able to communicate it with my friends as a way to share views and experiences. Originally the conversation was made over a zoom call, which I deconstructed through GarageBand adding some background tunes and made into a SoundCloud track. Enjoy. 

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This is a great blog post! Your opening sentence had me immediately invested.

“We are all out here being a living, breathing, walking and talking memes.”

I think this is a great example of the way that meme warfare is a kind of information manipulation that is so prevalent our rapidly evolving social media environment.

I also love the way you used your experiences in BCM112 as a remediation this week. It speaks to the importance of using FIST (Fast. Inexpensive. Simple. Tiny) principles in content creation. It’s also a great example of collective intelligence!

I explore similar ideals of meme warfare in my own blog post which you can read here: if you’re interested. I also thought you might enjoy this article: which explores meme warfare in depth. Again, great blog!

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Hey tori,
Already love the name of this weeks topic because it reminds me of the ‘what do you meme” game, ‘We are all out here being a living, breathing, walking and talking memes.’ is such a powerful message and show the manipulation that memes have on society today. This weeks remediation is great, you turned a normal conversation into a song. ‘memes are everywhere’ ( and that’s a fact!)
great work.


Hi, I loved your what do you meme sound cloud audio track it gave me joy. your content was interesting and gave me a clearer insight into meme warfare. loved the idea of including your friends in your sound cloud.


SUCH A GOOD READ! – the blog is really well structured and written. Really enjoyed reading it. Keep up the good work!


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