The group everyone wants to be apart of

Looking into Internet Paradigm this week we looked into ideas of collective intelligence, internet gatekeepers and monologic vs dialogic media. I created a meme this week to communicate the idea of collective intelligence. Using an example of my snapchat group chat and how we encounter collective intelligence on a daily basis. Collectively working together to achieve maximum ratings in our individual assignments, sharing opinions, ideas, and hyping each other up. 

“OG BCM” was created in early January 2020, a bunch of strangers from all over NSW/ACT connecting before the UOW semester had ever started… aka my new best friends

Collectively coming together to say “Hi” was a planned arrangement for this meme. This is a representation of how easily this group works together to help one another out and create some awesome content.

“OG BCM” doesn’t just stop at a little Snap group chat, we have expanded by assisting each other in our own DA’s and coming up with new ways to collaborate… UOW HYPE HOUSE is a TikTok page that blossomed from the “OG BCM” group chat, and that’s for the hype.


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Hey! Great insight into your thoughts of creative intelligence, I especially found your remediation of creating your own sphere surrounding creative intelligence and how it easy it is to do it quite practical and engaging. In our content filled digital age, providing your audiences with the processes of how they can too create examples of creative intelligence not only engages them but informs them too, great job!

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Hi Tori,
I loved your remediation meme for this week’s topic, as its very simple but still has a lot of meaning behind it. Moreover, as you stated how you all collectively bring up each others DAs and assisting each other in any way possible which ultimately your all helping each other enhance each other’s intelligence. Keep up the great work!!
Jade 🙂

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Hi Iloved your remediation, I thought it was clear and was interesting especially since Snapchat is a common platform of media. your content was short and sweet and it was extremely interesting and to the point.


Hi!! I really like this post! Its short, sweet and has all the information needed! Ur remediation is very straight to the point and shows exactly what you’re?trying to explain!


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