Do you even GLITCH bro?

Week 4… where to begin! This week I decided to take my favourite part of this topic and create something to help everyone! ‘The Medium is the Message’ was re-introduced and accompanied by ‘Logic of Digital Production’. These topics allowed us to examine the true meanings of how the ‘message’ can be transmitted. This sparked my inspiration for my remediation. This video explores the process of digital production, closely looking at Glitch Art (super aesthetic). Vaporwave and Aesthetic were also explored. I used music in the background of the video to be able to attract a certain aesthetic and further understanding to the viewers!

Using PHOTOMOSH, I was able to create come super cool Glitch Art in a matter of minutes… seconds even. This video provides examples of the simplicity of making Glitch Art and how you can make photos or even GIFs. PHOTOMOSH is an easy way for anyone to make anything gLiTCh. 

8 replies on “Do you even GLITCH bro?”

This is a helpful tool you’ve put out there for others, must commend you on that. Your blogs is extremely aesthetically pleasing, you’ve really gone into the topic over the last two weeks which is really good see. All the best with Online Presence part 1

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Hey Tori!
Cool video on how to get started on making glitchy art. Photomosh is so simple and easy to use and I love how you can adjust the levels of effects unlike Giphy. You should take your vaporwave aesthetic one step further by experimenting with cut and paste features to really enhance the retro nostalgic feel. Play around with retro fonts and messy placement of imagery. Have a look into vaporwave apps – there are so many to help build this aesthetic! Amazing work girl

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With all the confusion from this week’s topic your video/blog has really helped me to understand the concept of glitch videos. I like how you’ve shown us in your video how to actually navigate making glitch art. Well done!

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This blog has built a really strong aesthetic, Such a great idea to create a tutorial on how to use photomosh and post it at the top of the blog to help others on how to use it and gain interaction with the audience and I see you have a good understanding of this weeks topic.

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Hi Tori!
Your glitch art turned out amazing! I love that you created a video to help other people who want to learn how to create glitch art! I have really enjoyed reading your blog and think your website design is very pleasing to the eye!

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